Mr Sandu Kumar Singh

Managing director

MBA professional Mr Singh belongs to that new breed of adventurous and enterprising young Indians who are fast making a name for themselves in the tough & competitive world of the Hospitality industry.

After completing his Studies,  Mr Singh worked for a year and a half with the Pfizer as an Assistant Manager administration. During this period he had a fantastic exposure to hoteliers, different background people and the cultures that go along with, and this whetted his appetite to inculcate his knowledge & skills to his brother’s Hotel business.

He always Supervises, guides and motivate all staff   & is always there to help colleagues to ensure they're delivering good customer service. Ensuring that staff are happy so the business can run smoothly, he always organise and delegate his workload as well as monitoring them to make sure it's done correctly. His vision was always clear. Just to take his brand on the step of success, he worked hard, day & night to make the hotel stand at its budding period. With his marketing skills, he has bagged many renowned brands for his Hotel.

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