Royal Residence is a revenue growth driven Hospitality Management Company that believes operation supports the sales efforts. This sale focused approach combined with strong operational disciplines leads to increased revenue & profitability to hotel. Our team works directly with the hotel, resort or lodging destination management team crafting goals and objectives for the respective properties and then, we work together on achieving the desired results.

Hospitality professional with 15 years of experience in Operating and Managing World class Rooms. The story of his life has been, in many ways, a dramatic one - full of Read More
Managing director
MBA professional Mr Singh belongs to that new breed of adventurous and enterprising young Indians who are fast making a name for themselves in the tough & competitive world of Read More
Finance Director
Mr  Sandip is  co-founder of Royal Residence. His earlier days were spent in the little village of his birth. He began his education at the village school. Being a Computer Read More
Mr Gopesh is the chief executive officer in this firm. His motive is straight as his working principles. He guides the staffs with proper work ethics and keeps track of Read More
Associate Director- Sales & Marketing
Ms Anshu has overall responsibility for company-wide marketing &  sales. This work includes ongoing communications and marketing to the Corporates & to top notch of Companies. With over 10 years’ Read More
Operation Manager
Ms Richa has over 12  years of Hospitality experience working with different brands from Sarovar, Bristol, Choice group of Hotels and many Independent  Boutique Hotels and has experience working with the Read More
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